Gravity is probably one of the most obvious things that we all experience. It is a natural phenomenon characteristic to all things that contain mass or energy, and not only planets or stars. Even light creates gravity, no matter how strange this may sound.
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Currently, the general theory of relativity is the most popular way to explain the origin and action of gravity, when gravity is described not as a type of force, but an outcome of masses moving through a curved spacetime, influenced by the uneven distribution of mass.
Gravity is related to many perplexing phenomena, including the fact that it slows down the flow of time, which is proportional to the strength of the gravitational field. But there is another way of explaining the relation between gravity and the speed of time. According to it, gravity does not impact the flow of time. It’s time which is responsible for the emergence of gravity, as explained in the video from PBS Space Time:

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