Horror moment drug dealer murders cop

The horrific moment a drug dealer ambushed a US police officer, shooting him dead on the side of the road, has been caught on camera.

New Mexico police officer Darrian Jarrott, 28, was conducting a routine traffic stop in February of this year when he was ambushed by Omar Felix Cueva.

Cueva, 39, was pulled over by Mr Jarrott because his window tint was too dark.

Footage from Mr Jarrott’s police dashcam emerged yesterday, showing the moment he tragically lost his life.

“Good afternoon, sir. My name is Darrian Jarrott. I’m with New Mexico State Police. The reason for the stop is your window tint is a little too dark,” he said, before asking Cueva to wind down the window more.

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Mr Jarrott, the father of three small children and with a pregnant wife at home, asked Cueva for his licence and registration.

When Mr Jarrott asks Cueva to accompany him to his police car so he can run checks on his insurance and his name, he realises Cueva is armed.

“Hey, hey, real quick? Do you have a firearm on you? Do you mind if I take that off you, for my own safety?” Mr Jarrott asked.

Cueva gets out of the car, holding the rifle low and keeping it out of Mr Jarrott’s view.

As he rounds the back of the ute, Cueva swings the rifle up and shoots Mr Jarrott twice.

The dashcam footage picked up the sound of more shots ringing out before Mr Jarrott is seen lying to the side of the road.

Cueva then fled the scene, taking New Mexico Police on a 65km high-speed chase before officers were able to hit his car and force it to a stop.

Cueva was filmed jumping out of his ute, engaging in a shoot out with police before he was killed in a hail of bullets.

Less than a minute after Mr Jarrott was shot and left for dead, a Homeland Security Investigations agent arrived on the scene, rushing to the police officer and calling for help.

Tragically, he couldn’t be saved.

Cueva had a ‘violent criminal history’

Following the tragedy, police said Cueva was on his way to a drug deal when he was pulled over.

Cueva was already known to police for his “violent criminal history”, which included drugs charges, burglary and vandalism.

Cueva was first arrested at the age of 13 for vandalism and was repeatedly arrested throughout his teens for drug possession.

New Mexico State Police Chief Robert Thornton fought back tears in a February press conference as he described Mr Jarrott as a “fallen hero”.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham ordered flags to fly at half-mast across the in February as the state mourned the shocking tragedy.

“I am shocked, heartbroken and enraged by the loss of this public servant. I am praying for the local officer who was also shot and injured,” the governor said at the time.

“I am horrified as we grieve another life cut down, another family crushed by senseless violence in our state.

“Violent crime is a scourge on New Mexico, and the men and women who step up and put on the badge to protect our communities fight it with everything they’ve got every day.”

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