Carnevali: ‘They risk killing the national championship’

Sassuolo CEO Giovanni Carnevali wants an explanation from the clubs involved in the Super League. ‘They risk killing the national championship’.

Juventus, Inter and Milan confirmed they will join the Super League as founding clubs.

The Neroverdi director Carnevali confirmed the Lega will meet this afternoon and believes the lengthy discussions about funds and TV rights now have an explanation.

“It’s an initiative that was brewing, we have to wait a moment to understand it clearly,” Carnevali told Radio Anch’io Sport.

“In the afternoon we have a meeting in the Lega and we hope that those directly involved will explain well, because we don’t like what’s going on.

“Those who join this project have a great responsibility, they risk killing the national championship.

“We try to understand, but something unpleasant lies ahead. In the League today, there’s great conflict over everything.

“We discussed at length about funds, TV rights. The other day, seven companies sent a letter of no confidence to [Lega President Paolo] Dal Pino, with the possibility of requesting compensation.

“Now, I think that all this has an explanation. We are not doing anything good, we are in a moment of great difficulty.

“The fact that we have lost so much time makes us understand. We have probably also been fooled. Unfortunately, those of us who manage these clubs should be more honest.”

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