Sacchi: ‘I hope the Super League will be shelved’

Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi said he hopes the Super League ‘will be shelved’ and claimed ‘football is part of the human race’.

The 75-year-old helped Milan win two European Cups and one Scudetto during his time as a coach in the fashion capital.

The Rossoneri hero doesn’t agree with the breakaway tournament formed by 12 European giants.

“Football is liked because it belongs to everyone,” Sacchi told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I don’t like this, because football is so beautiful for its universality.

“It’s popular because anyone can practice it, it’s part of the human race. It’s difficult to find such a universal sport.

“But it has three great opponents: stardom, business and the balance sheet.”

Sacchi said he’s not worried about the future of the game, as he doesn’t believe the Super League will happen.

“No, because I hope this project will be shelved, but I don’t hope for a compromise. Half solutions are useless.”

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