Inter: Zhang planning future amid economic uncertainty

According to reports in Italy, Steven Zhang will return to Italy next week, but many questions about Inter’s future remain unanswered.

Inter were one of the 12 European clubs that announced the Super League on Sunday.

However, the project lasted just a couple of days as the Nerazzurri announced their withdrawal from the project on Wednesday.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter President Steven Zhang will return to Italy next week to begin talks with the club’s executives and with Antonio Conte.

The paper reports it’s difficult to plan the summer transfer window and the same is true of any other club in Europe and Italy.

There are no signs that top players will leave, but Zhang would need to present his project for the future to Antonio Conte and Inter’s executives.

Zhang doesn’t want to sell a majority stake in the club and is looking for a financial partner who can help the club with a €250m cash injection.

On the contrary, according to Tuttosport, a top player could leave the club in the summer trying to solve their financial situation.

Conte, in fact, wants at least three new signings to make a step forward in Europe.

As per Tuttosport, the coach wants a new left-back, a centre forward and a centre midfielder, but La Gazzetta dello Sport reports the former Chelsea tactician hasn’t made any transfer request since last summer, given the club’s difficult economic situation.

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