Lega Pro players accused of rape

Lega Pro President Francesco Ghirelli is ‘deeply disturbed’ after five Virtus Verona players were accused of gang rape.

The players have not been named, but the alleged incident occurred in January 2020 and another hearing is required before there can be charges filed.

They were all circa 20 years old and are accused of inviting the young woman to a party, plying her with drink, then four attacked her while a fifth filmed it on his phone.

It seems she was a student with one of the five players, but did not know the others.

“This story leaves me deeply disturbed, both as a sporting director and a family man,” Lega Pro President Ghirelli told the Corriere del Veneto newspaper.

“The justice system will take its course, but I never would’ve wanted to see a similar story.”

Lega Pro is the alternative name for Serie C, the third division in Italian football.

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