Conte: ‘Inter don’t want nasty surprises’

Inter coach Antonio Conte warned Inter players about Crotone: ‘We don’t want nasty surprises.’

The Nerazzurri can win the Serie A title this weekend if they beat Crotone tomorrow and Atalanta don’t win away at Sassuolo on Sunday.

“The guys know we have to do Inter tomorrow. If we go there trying to do something different, we’ll receive a nasty surprise,” Conte said at a press conference.

“We respect Crotone and what they are doing, they will be motivated and would want to prove they deserve to remain in Serie A.”

Conte met President Zhang today with the owner, who has returned to Milan for the first time in seven months.

“There was a simple greeting as we had not seen each other for some time. He greeted the players and wished us good luck.

“He knows very well that we have not conquered anything yet,” Conte said.

“Our opponents and we can feel tired, but we are about to achieve something historical, I don’t think we should be tired. If someone is, he’d better tell me and go to the bench,” he continued.

“Everyone has improved and gained more responsibility, we are reaping the rewards of our job. Even Pinamonti, who didn’t get game time because Lukaku, Lautaro and Sanchez, is now a better player than he was.

“It’s inevitable: when you work hard, there is always personal growth.”

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