Gotti hails De Paul and Musso

Udinese coach Luca Gotti is frustrated with the Bologna draw, but insists Rodrigo De Paul and Juan Musso ‘can do well at any club’ in future.

De Paul had given them the lead with a wonderful solo effort, but the Friulani gave away a penalty for the 12th time this season and Riccardo Orsolini got the equaliser.

“Between last week with Juventus and today, we worked so very hard to achieve very little,” Gotti told Sky Sport Italia.

“We played well in the first half and tried to attack, but even when we aimed to control the tempo after the break, we felt like we could take the victory home. I don’t even want to think about the records we must’ve beaten with all these penalties.”

Udinese have secured their Serie A safety, but expect to be in the middle of the transfer market with top talents like De Paul and Musso.

“I would put Musso among the best goalkeepers in Serie A, especially when it comes to shot-stopping and intercepting high balls in the box,” continued the coach.

“De Paul is like a third child for me! He’s such a lovely, mature guy who reads situations really well. Last year, he evaluated the offers on the market and also considered the fact his wife was about to give birth, so decided to stay in Udine for one more year.

“I think it was a very good decision, because he consolidated his profile and can now do well at any club. He will certainly re-evaluate the situation this summer and a decision will be made to suit everyone.

“Udinese wait for the right moment to sell their stars because they have no immediate need to raise funds. They therefore need a certain type of offer to satisfy their needs.”

Gotti’s own future on the Udinese bench is also somewhat up in the air.

“There are still three games to play. I am not just proud to be the Udinese coach, but also grateful to a club that trusted me and wanted me to continue.

“Having said that, we will discuss it all after the season has finished. It was a similar situation last year, there was no real sign of a contract renewal, and yet we got the deal done in a few hours. Maybe this is just the way Udinese do things.”

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