Inzaghi: ‘Benevento feel robbed’ | Football Italia

Filippo Inzaghi says Benevento players ‘feel like they were robbed’ after referee Daniele Doveri revoked a penalty kick with a VAR check against Cagliari.

Benevento lost 3-1 against the Sardinians and are now three points behind Spezia, who are fourth from the bottom in the Serie A table.

Inzaghi spoke to Sky Sport after that Benevento President Oreste Vigorito had lashed out at Doveri and his VAR assistant Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni.

Doveri had initially awarded a penalty kick to Benevento, but he revoked it after a VAR check.

“We are disappointed, the images are clear,” Inzaghi said.

“The referee told me the contact was not too strong, but if he admits there was contact, VAR can’t intervene.

“We don’t want to be relegated like this. I can only compliment the lads who dominated the game and deserved to win. They made me proud today.

“Some of them were crying, they are feeling like they were robbed, and I repeat, if the referee saw the contact, VAR can’t intervene.”

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