Why Lukaku’s COVID breach was not like McKennie’s

While Juventus fans have complained about the treatment reserved for Romelu Lukaku and his Inter teammates compared to Weston McKennie, there are significant differences between their COVID-breaking parties.

It was reported that police entered a hotel in Milan at 3am when alerted to Lukaku’s birthday party, with 24 people present including Achraf Hakimi, Ivan Perisic and Ashley Young.

However, SportMediaset and news agency ANSA both noted Inter won’t punish the players, because it was not a birthday party, but simply a dinner after the 3-1 win against Roma.

As the players didn’t leave San Siro until after midnight, they were already beyond the curfew due to work purposes.

Juventus fans have protested that when their players were caught having a get-together at McKennie’s house last month, the club came down hard and they were fined for breaking the COVID restrictions.

There are some significant differences between the two situations.

When McKennie and his Juve teammates had their private gathering, Turin was in a ‘red zone’ for COVID, meaning complete lockdown.

On the other hand, Milan is currently in the ‘yellow zone,’ a less restrictive level of the regulations.

This is also why the restaurant in the hotel that Lukaku, Hakimi, Perisic and Young dined at was open.

It’s reported if the players had stayed overnight at the hotel, they would not have been breaking the rules at all.

It was by leaving at 3am and driving home that they were met outside by the police.

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