Vigorito: ‘Benevento will fight until the end’

President Oreste Vigorito said Benevento will fight for safety until the end. ‘We don’t work for a year to give up on the last day’.

The Streghe are currently 18th in Serie A and four points behind safety with two games remaining.

Benevento have a run of eight games without a win since the 1-0 triumph over Juventus on March 21.

Filippo Inzaghi’s men have picked up 31 points in 36 games and Vigorito doesn’t want his men to give up before it’s mathematically impossible.

“We hope that Benevento can play their last two games in a different way than the last 15,” Vigorito said to news agency ANSA.

“We want to play for salvation until the 180th minute because we don’t work for a year to give up on the last day.

“We also hope to get there, because among the various combinations that we, insiders and fans, have studied, there’s also the chance that the championship can end on Wednesday and therefore make the away match in Turin useless.

“I hope to be able to experience this championship and continue to hop until the end. Then, when the whistle goes, we will make our evaluations.”

Benevento face Crotone on Sunday at the Stadio Ciro Vigorito and must win to stay alive ahead of the away game against Torino on May 23.

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