A TikTokker contracted Covid-19 after getting vaccinated

A woman has claimed she contracted Covid-19 after receiving two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Paty Aramburu revealed in a viral TikTok video uploaded about two weeks ago that she tested positive five days after meeting her unvaccinated sister for lunch.

Her positive result came despite her receiving her second dose of the vaccine on April 10, which she proved by displaying a certificate confirming she received the jab on that date.

“I am fully vaccinated. Got my second shot on April 10th,” she wrote in text across her video.

“I had lunch with my sister without a mask. She is not vaccinated. What can I say? We were eating and she had a recent negative covid test.”

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Ms Aramburu said her sister called the following day to say she had the virus, and five days later she too received the same diagnosis.

“I couldn’t help but wonder, will I get any symptoms?” she said, adding that she “felt fine”.

While cases like Ms Aramburu’s were rare, they were not entirely impossible.

The vaccine’s effectiveness was not thought to be at its full potential until two weeks after being administered.

A small percentage of people who get fully vaccinated will still contract Covid-19 and potentially be hospitalised or die from the virus, according to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

With vaccines thought to provide 90 per cent protection or higher, none protect from illness entirely, the CDC said.

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Those who did contract Covid-19 after being vaccinated were more likely to experience less severe symptoms and were far less likely to require hospitalisation.

Australian authorities have continued to campaign for those eligible to get the vaccine, touting the jab as the only thing that will get the country out of the pandemic for good.

Victoria’s acting premier James Merlino on Tuesday implored everyone over 40 to get vaccinated, as confidence in Australia’s supply steadily improved.

“We want to increase eligibility for people to get vaccinated as quickly as possible,” he told reporters.

“We’re in a position where everyone over 40 is eligible to be vaccinated. I would love to increase that. It is always subject to confidence of supply of the vaccine.”

While current levels of vaccination were able to be maintained, Mr Merlino expressed eagerness for the age range to be expanded.

“In terms of expanding it beyond, that’s a question at a national level and it’s a question of how much confidence we have in supply. I would love to expand it,” he said.

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