Hunter ‘paid Russian prostitute’ from Joe Biden’s account

Hunter Biden may have accidentally paid a Russian prostitute $US25,000 ($A33,000) from an account that was linked to dad Joe, according to text messages obtained from his laptop.

In May 2018, Hunter reportedly ordered “thin brunette” Yanna on the site Emerald Fantasy Girls.

He was staying at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood.

Using his first name, Hunter said, “Hi, my name is Rob. I’m staying at Chateau Marmont. Are you available now?”, according to text messages obtained by the New York Post.

The pair reportedly had sex, drank vodka, and filmed porn while he smoked crack, Mail Online reports.

But, text messages appear to show that Joe Biden may have been the person who footed the bill. It’s not known if any of the accounts used were linked to Mr Biden.

Hunter tried to send $US8000 ($A10,500) to a woman named Gulnora, an agent for Emerald Fantasy Girls, but the payment didn’t go through.

He tried several cards before the amount went through.

There was a transfer of $US2000 ($A2640) from a different account before further transactions of $US3500 ($A4600), $US8000, and $US3500.

Receipts show that around $US25,000 was sent within an hour.

Hunter received a message from Yanna, who reportedly said, “I’m happy to see that much in my account. No worries you can have the rest back. Karma is a bch.”

Hours later, Hunter received a message from a person labelled the name of a former Secret Service official.

The Secret Service told the Post that he retired from the agency on April 30, 2018.

An lawyer told the Post that the ex-official had never been in contact with Hunter and the messages were “fabricated”.

His lawyer said, “My client has never met or communicated with Hunter Biden and has never been to the Chateau Marmont and had not even heard of the hotel. In fact, my client was retired before the date of these fabricated text messages.”

A message reportedly said, “H, I’m in the lobby come down.”

A second text followed shortly after, saying, “Come on H, this is linked to Celtic’s account. DC is calling me every 10. Let me up or come down. I can’t help if you don’t let me, H.”

Celtic was Mr Biden’s Secret Service codename when he was Vice President.

Receipts on the laptop show that all but $US5000 of the extra charges were returned.

An lawyer for Yanna declined to comment when approached by the Post.

It comes just weeks after Hunter reportedly used a slur about dating an Asian woman in a 2019 text message conversation with his cousin Caroline Biden.

In one message, she said: “Do you want foreign or domestic. I can’t give you fing Asian sorry. I’m not doing it.”

The president’s 51-year-old son reportedly agreed and said, “Domesticated foreigner is fine. No yellow.”

The FBI launched an investigation into Hunter last December after the Post published files on a laptop he put in for repair.

They revealed details of his business dealings in Ukraine and China, as well as a now-famous picture of him smoking crack.

Hunter claimed he may have been hacked by Russians but Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said Hunter “lied” about the laptop and there’s “no doubt” that it was his.

Kilmeade said, “He knows exactly that it’s his laptop. It even had a Beau Biden foundation sticker on it. It was his laptop, dropped off with all his personal information. There is no doubt about it.”

The emails showed Hunter was employed by a Ukrainian oil and gas giant and was asked to use his influence with his father, who was VP at the time.

One email suggested that on at least one occasion Hunter arranged a meeting between his dad and Burisma boss Vadym Pozharskyi.

A spokesperson for Mr Biden denied any such meeting.

Other documents detailed payments from a company in China and suggested some was intended for other Biden family members.

Hunter and Joe denied any impropriety.

Agents seized the hard drive of the laptop which was put in for repair and never claimed.

A signature on the receipt was said to show Hunter himself had dropped it off at the shop.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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