Poll reveals Australia’s view on covid, lockdowns, vaccines and leaders

If the race to escape the covid pandemic was the 1000m speed skating final at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Australia is in danger of becoming one of the leaders who slipped on the ice in front of Steven Bradbury.

Our navigation of a once-in-a-lifetime event was rightly lauded for much of 2020 but as we approach the halfway mark of 2021, it’s starting to feel like we’ve fallen behind.

Trust in the leaders who safely guided us through the unprecedented crisis with incredibly low case and death rates is fraying as we find ourselves moving backwards instead of forwards.

But how do you feel? To get a gauge of how the nation is feeling, news.com.au has launched a poll so you can tell us whether you’re still happy with how Australia is handling the pandemic or if you’re tearing your hair out.

The early results are pretty emphatic.

Thanks for taking part and continue the conversation in the comments.

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