Note to panic buying ‘bogans’ revealed

A viral social media post lambasting panic buying “b*tches” has been printed and stuck to a supermarket toilet paper shelf amid a fresh wave of disturbing lockdown-driven shopping behaviour.

A Reddit user claimed he saw a copy of the letter, which originally surfaced online last year, inside a Woolworths store on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Woolworths confirmed the poster was not erected by staff and had not been seen by any of the retailer’s Sunshine Coast employees since the photo surfaced online, leading them to believe it was the work of a customer.

The note blasts the “fkwits” responsible for jamming supermarket carparks and clearing shelves of esssential items.

It was shared to Reddit on Tuesday as Queensland entered a three-day snap lockdown following community transmission of the highly contagious Delta strain of Covid-19.

Titled, “listen up shheads”, the note assured shoppers that supermarkets had plenty of stock and called on them to stop listening to “bogans” on social media.

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“We have a simple message to all of those idiots jamming our stores and carparks. We’ve got plenty of food and other items in stock. We’ve got warehouses full of them,” it read.

“We won’t run out unless you b*tches keep listening to other bogans on social media and snap up every item we stock before it even hits the shelf.”

The author went on to address the ridiculous rate that toilet paper aisles were cleared the moment lockdown restrictions were announced.

“As for toilet paper, for fk sake stop asking for it. We have plenty to go around if only morons like you stop buying every roll for no good reason,” they wrote.

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“We value your custom and support but Jesus Christ, some of you are just fkwits.”

While the image of the letter attached to a toilet paper shelf was new, the poster went viral online last year during initial coronavirus lockdowns.

Hundreds responded to the Reddit post, largely agreeing with its sentiment and calling on consumers to calm down on the panic buying.

“To all the dipwho panic and buy up every bog roll in the city, stop it. We’re not going to run out. ever,” one passionate Reddit user wrote.

It came after scenes of supermarket chaos spammed the internet as states across Australia were plunged into lockdown.

Shortly after the NSW lockdown was announced, supermarkets across Greater Sydney were flooded with panicked shoppers who made quick work of clearing shelves.

Toilet paper, bread, meat, rice and pasta were among items customers stocked up on.

Photos and videos emerged online showing trolleys stacked with rolls of toilet paper, while stores were filmed packed with crowds of people.

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