9 Sydney suburbs in Covid-19 red zone

The Sydney suburbs of most concern to health authorities have been listed today, with NSW’s chief health officer begging locals to stay home as much as they can.

Dr Kerry Chant today listed the “key suburbs” that were on NSW Health’s radar and had the most cases.

NSW recorded 112 new cases of coronavirus today, 84 of which were from southwestern Sydney and at least 34 cases were in the community for their infectious period.

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The suburbs of concern are Fairfield, Smithfield, Bossley Park, Fairfield Heights, Fairfield West, Wakeley, Bonnyrigg, Glenfield and West Hoxton.

“The reason I am reading these case locations out is because we do need to make sure that every member of that community understands every time they go out of their house for an essential good, if they go shopping, they need to assume that someone next to them has Covid,” Dr Chant said.

“Everyone across Greater Sydney should assume that but we are conveying that in these areas, the risk is even greater.

“When you are out and about for those very essential things that you need, please limit the time, go directly there and make sure you are maintaining your social distancing, your mask over your nose and mouth and that you keep your social distance.”

Dr Chant said health authorities were also concerned about cases emerging among young adults in the 18 to 20-year-old age groups in the Georges River, Bayside and Sutherland local government areas.

There are also cases emerging further west with seven cases reported from western Sydney and five from the Nepean-Blue Mountains region.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian issued a plea to locals in the Fairfield area to “stay home unless they absolutely have to”.

“We want to stress that the virus is still concentrating in two or three local government areas. As we did for the Northern Beaches when we singled out the suburbs and local government areas where the virus was rampant, the vast majority of cases are in the Fairfield local Government area,” the premier said.

“Everybody in Fairfield should be staying at home unless they absolutely have to. That is the message across everywhere in Greater Sydney but in particular when large numbers of the virus are circulating in one local government area, we must call that out.”

Ms Berejiklian said authorities were also pleading with essential workers to look out for symptoms.

“We really want to stress that, even if you regard yourself as an essential worker, especially in the Fairfield local government area, do not leave home if you have symptoms,” she said.

“Do not go to work unless you absolutely know that you don’t have the virus.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing very, very key workers leave the home with symptoms or else not knowingly spreading the virus.

“If you’re a key worker or you work in multiple sites and you’re from the Fairfield local government area, we would prefer you stayed at home unless you absolutely have to leave the house and unless you can assure that you have a negative Covid test before you proceed to your normal activities and that is really important for us to stress.”

NSW’s lockdown is due to end on Friday however the explosion of cases have thrown the easing of restrictions into doubt.

Ms Berejiklian said health authorities needed to see the number of cases that were infectious in the community drop to zero before restrictions ease.

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