Dismembered man’s penis still missing

An alleged cannibal teacher has gone on trial accused of murdering and eating his lover – whose penis is still missing.

Maths and chemistry teacher Stefan R, 41, was charged after 43-year-old fitter Stefan Trogish died last September in Germany.

The trial in of Berlin, which started today, heard that some parts of his body were eaten and some parts were disposed of.

And although many of these have since been recovered, the victim’s manhood has not yet been found.

Prosecutors said the pair met a dating portal and they later met in Stefan R’s apartment in Berlin’s Pankow district to have sex.

However, the fitter was unaware that Stefan R had previously looked up keywords such as “Longpics” and “Fatten and slaughter people” on the darknet – online terms associated with cannibalism.

Excited about his date, Stefan Trogish took a cab and headed towards his the other Stefan’s apartment where they reportedly had sex before the teacher made dinner out of him.

Body parts dumped

The court heard that Stefan R cut up his lover in his apartment, ate some parts and dumped other remains in various locations around the German capital.

Trogisch was reported missing by his flatmates on September 5, 2020, but the trail remained cold until parts of his body started to appear.

Walkers discovered a meatless leg bone in a park near the Schonerlinder Chaussee area in the city on November 8.

As more body parts began to appear, the police found remains with flesh tissue in the Pankow borough that helped identify the victim, and led investigators towards the defendant.

Police raid the apartment of the accused

When police raided Stefan R’s apartment in November 2020, investigators found 25 kilos of a cleaning agent called sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, that is also “suitable for dissolving human tissue”.

In addition, relevant tools such as knives and saws as well as traces of blood were also discovered in the basement.

The 41-year-old teacher, who was active in gay forums, was arrested on November 18, 2020, and charged with murder on May 18, 2021.

During the trial on Tuesday Judge Matthias Schertz questioned the defendant who refused to comment.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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