Tidal energy is probably one of the most overlooked sources of power. Why don’t we use this immense renewable resource, which is simply waiting there, within the waters of Earth’s oceans?
Installation of a tidal energy power plant components. Image credit: Rebecca Louise Jones via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-4.0
Even considering existing geographical limitations for construction and operation, with current technological developments modern tidal electricity-producing stations could achieve the global power output capacity of 3000 GW (gigawatts), which is enough to cover the energy needs of the entire United States of America more than twice.
And this could be just the start, because the future technological advances could lead to even higher levels of energy extraction from oceanic streams. And, when the planet is 71% water-covered, why is this technology still not among the leading sources of renewable energy? Watch the following video for the full story:

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